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WTT Yacht for Ferrari Enzo obo

If anyone reading this has a spare Ferrari Enzo, F50 or F40 (even a Maserati MC12 will do in a pinch), do we have a deal for you! It looks like an enterprising Ferrari aficianado is willing to trade his 1993 San Lorenzo 80 fast motoryacht (appraised at a modest $2.4 million) for one of the aforementioned cars and some cash. (Ebay auction here.)

As an added bonus, the seller indicates that the first owner was the Chinese Minister of Defense. Perhaps a few covertly installed CIA listening devices are included free of charge? – [Jeff James]

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2 Responses

  1. steve gerling says:

    How big a yacht can I get for a 2004 Ford Focus? It’s got the 2.3 liter motor, that should help!

  2. jeff says:

    Hey Steve! I’m sure that would cover an anchor or two! 🙂 Perhaps the seller would take a toy Enzo model instead?

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