The Symphonic Matech Competition Ford GT

I’ve always thought that the Ford GT (and its forbear, the Ferrari-busting, LeMans-winning GT40) was the ultimate combination of track-punishing power and gorgeous sports car aesthetics. Let not forget that the GT also sounded amazing, thanks to a 5.4L supercharged V8 that churned our 550 horsepower.

Alas, Ford only made about 4000 Ford GTs, but the car does live on as a favorite vehicle for many racing teams. One such team is Matech Competition, a Swiss racing team that is running a heavily modified Ford GT (draped in Darth Vader’s favor color) in the FIA GT1 Championship Race on April 17th, 2010 at the Yas Marina circuit in the United Arab Emirates.

You can read more about this car over at Autoblog, visit the official Matech Competition website, or watch a large version of this sweet-sounding video of the car in action over at YouTube. Don’t know how the Blue Oval does it, but supercharged Ford V8s always sound like music to the ears.

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