Steve McQueen’s “Bullitt” Mustang Found in Mexican Junkyard

Bullitt Mustang

Released in 1968, Steve McQueen’s Bullitt features one of the most memorable car chases in motion picture history, with good-cop McQueen’s dark green 1968 Ford Mustang GT pursuing a black 1968 Dodge Charger R/T filled with villains through the streets of San Francisco. Said villains were burnt to a crisp when their Charger careened into a gas station, but Mustang buffs will be happy to hear that one of the original Mustangs used in the filming of the movies is alive and well, and has been located in Mexico. (See clip from the original movie car chase below.)

Hugo Sanchez and Ralpha Garcia, Jr., enlisted the aid of Mustang expert Kevin Marti, who inspected the vehicle at a Ford dealer in Mexico, verified VIN numbers, and gave the vehicle his seal of approval, telling the Los Angeles Times that this particular vehicle was the car modified to do most of the stunts in the movie, and that the other vehicle used during production is currently owned by a private (and anonymous) collector based in the Southeast United States.




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