Line-X Coating Makes Things Hard to Break


The crew over at TechInsider covered a variety of mundane objects with Line-X coating to see just how tough the material is. Spoiler: It’s pretty tough. (Image: TechInsider)

One of the most common add-ons for truck owners is a truck bed liner, either in the form of a tough plastic insert (which tends to be less expensive) or a spray-on coating (which tends to be more expensive). One of the leading providers of the latter is Line-X, although other vendors like Rhino Linings also provide spray-on coatings.

Spray-on truck bed coatings tend to be made of sturdy stuff, and the crew over at TechInsider — along with the folks at Line-X – put together a video showing how mundane objects like eggs, cantaloupe, and red solo cups become much more rugged when applied with a Line-X coating. TechInsider staffers compare how coated and uncoated objects behave when stepped on, struck with bats, and otherwise bludgeoned, crushed, or incinerated, so it all makes for an entertaining 90 seconds worth of video eye candy.


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