Like Old School Car Design? Meet the N2A Motors 789

N21 Motors 789

While we should all be thankful that they don’t build cars like they used to from a safety perspective, you have to give N2A Motors credit for channeling old school with their striking 789 custom car. N2A starts with a factory Corvette C6, then radically reworks the exterior to create the vehicle you see here. The front end is inspired by a ’57 Chevy, the middle take cues from a ’58 Chevy, and the rear section (with those lethal tailfins) pays homage to the ’59 Chevy.You can see more photos of the 789 here.

It get’s even better: Given that the crew at N2A Motors doesn’t touch the mechanicals of the Corvette donor vehicle, the official GM powertrain warranty remains in effect. The coupe weighs in at $139,500, while the convertible (shown above) starts at $144,500.

(Photo: N2A Motors)

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3 Responses

  1. That’s a bad ride–not diggin’ the wheels so much, but it’s a killer lookin’ car.

  2. That’s aweseme. I love classic cars! Im more of a muscle car guy though =)

  3. WOW, what a beautiful corvette! A bit steep price wise, but hey, if you have it, go for it.

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