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Automaker input benefits upcoming “Cars” film

The Detroit news has an article by Ann Job that discusses the upcoming Disney/Pixar Cars movie and how closely Director John Lasseter and his crew worked with real-life auto designers during development of the film. According to the article, Pixar solicited input from a variety of car designers and auto makers, include Porsche, Ford Designer J Mays and General Motors. Many characters in the film are like Mater (shown above), which is based on a 1950’s model Chevy Pickup.
Porsche arguably landed the best placement in the film, with a 911 model assuming a prominent role:

It turned out Lasseter’s team had decided from the beginning that a German-made Porsche would be in the film, Buck said.
Indeed, they had first wanted an old-model Porsche, but Bob Carlson, Porsche’s manager of automotive media, recalls shifting Pixar’s attention to the then-current generation 911 sports car.
Thus, in the film, the leading female character, Sally, who is Lightning McQueen’s friend and romantic interest, is a blue 2002 Porsche 911.
Buck suggested to the studio that Sally have the last name “Carrera.” It stuck.

Cars hits US theaters on June 9th. Check out the Detroit News article in its entirety here and the official Cars movie site here. – [Jeff James]

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