Driverless Roborace Racing Series Unveils Concept Car


Not content to let liquid-filled fleshbags like us to be the only ones able to enjoy the wonders of driving a high-performance racing machine, the new Roborace series will field a bevy of driverless, autonomous racing vehicles not unlike the one depicted in the concept art you see here.

Developed in conjunction with the FIA Formula-E racing series, Roborace will launch with ten teams with two cars each, and will race for an hour on the same tracks used by the Formula-E series.

Roborace could shape up to be a impressive display of robotic and vehicle technology, and the concept art depicted above gives an idea of what the Roborace vehicles might look like. The racing series starts in late 2016 or early 2017, and you can find out more by visiting the Roborace website or by watching the Roborace teaser video, below.


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