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2007 Detroit Auto Show:
A Visit to COBO

photo: © Jeff James

Held every January at the COBO Exhibition Center in downtown Detroit, the Detroit Auto Show attracts thousands of journalists, automakers, suppliers and other auto enthusiasts from all over the globe to Motown for a few weeks to see the latest the automotive world has to offer. I’ve been hunkered down on the outskirts of Detroit for the past day or so, making a daily sojourn back to the COBO center to see what new gas-powered goodies the auto industry has in store for us.

I’ve posted a bit already about the new minivans from Dodge and Chrysler over at the About.com minivans site, and some of my photos have been posted by my colleagues over at the About.com cars and SUVs sites. I’ll be blogging here about some of the things I’ve seen at the show, from my experiences with unscrupulous cabbies and gelatinous turkey-stuff sandwiches to the amazing new Mitsubishi Concept-X (aka the Lancer Evolution X) and the General Motors (via Holden) “Efijy” hot rod concept. – [Jeff James]

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