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Can your vehicle use E85 Ethanol?

Unknown to many US consumers, millions of FlexFuel vehicles — configured to run off E85 fuel, which is 85% Ethanol by content — are already cruising the highways.

A look under the hood of our 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager minivan — sporting a 3.3 liter FlexFuel 6-cylinder engine — confirmed that the vehicle is able to run off the mixture. Literally millions of E85-friendly vehicles are on the road today, ranging from select 1999 Mazda 3.OL B3000 pickups to a few dozen GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles produced between 1999 and 2006.

To find out if the vehicle lurking in your garage is capable of running E85 ethanol, the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition has put together a handy guide here.

To find a gas station that provides E85 ethanol in your area, check out the NEVC’s E85 station guide here. – [Jeff James]

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  1. Darryl E MIller says:

    Can my cars use E85. I have a 2002 Hyundia Santa Fe and 2003 Hyundia Elantra?

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