Founded in 2006, Driveline Blog is an independent web publication dedicated to covering all aspects of the automotive experience, primarily focusing on the intersection of automobiles and information technology. In addition to traditional automotive news, reviews, features, interviews and editorial commentary, we also cover motorsports, video games and simulations, as well as books, movies, DVDs, and automotive personalities.


Founder/Chief Blogger

Jeff James
email: jeff [at] drivelineblog.com
twitter: @jeffjames3
about.me: jeff.james

In addition to being an unrepentant auto junkie and car enthusiast, Jeff James has been an editor, columnist and freelance writer for a variety of automotive, technology and gaming publications for over 15 years. He’s particularly interested in the intersection between technology and the automobile, and also blogs about robotics at Nxtbot.com and social media at ContentShift.net.

Jeff served at the About.com Minivans guide from mid-2006 to early 2008, where he authored more than a hundred reviews, articles, and blog posts covering the auto industry. He’s also contributed to Dream Garage, an online publication dedicated to ultimate garages and the vehicles that fill them. Some of his car technology coverage has been published by Windows IT Pro (“Ford Sync Makes Mobile Phones More Mobile) and Sound & Video Contractor (“Taking the Connected Home on the Road).

Jeff has served as the Editor in Chief and Web Content Strategist for Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, and the SYSTEM i Network. He was also Editor in Chief of Microsoft’s Technet Magazine, served as Editor in Chief: Online and Community for Platform Vision, was the Editorial Director of the Petri IT Knowledgebase, and is currently a Content Marketing Strategy Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.



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